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Dry-end Centralized Management System
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Dry-end Centralized Management System controls all individual dry-end equipments via industrial control bus,
realizes synchronization of dry-end equipments with production line speed, auto order change control,
order management, production statistics, waste replacement, malfunction troubleshooting.
Thus realizes high production efficiency, high order change speed, accurate control of order quantity,
reduce waste, labor and labor intensity.

◆Enter/Edit/Delete order data
◆Check current processing order data
◆Check queued order data
◆Check finished order data
◆Auto waste quantity replacement
◆Monitor of dry-end equipments
◆Order change control of dry-end equipments
◆Link with production line management system




◆1 set Operator console
◆1 set Taiwan Advantech 15” industrial flat
    panel computer
◆1 set Taiwan Advantech anti-water/dust
   industrial keyboard and mouse
◆1 set Taiwan Advantech industrial switch hub
◆1 set Schneider PLC
◆1 set Schneider low-voltage components
◆1 set Monitor management software


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